Hotel Venice Resort: the luxury of a four star hotel in Venice, Italy

Comfort, beauty, quality, charm: these are just few requirements a four stars hotel in Venice needs to fulfill in order to appease its guests, and the Hotel Venice Resort meets them all. The accommodation is located just a kilometer away from Venice airport, making the journey from and to Marco Polo gates easy and extremely fast.

What’s more, the hotel even offers a private transfer service (on request from 5 am to 10 pm): comfort at its fullest.

The accommodation is open all year round: to overcome the scorching summer heat a new outdoor swimming pool was built right in the middle of the wide, open garden, complete with deck chairs and beach umbrellas. If instead you’re visiting Venice in the coldest months, the lovely porch can be used for a quiet reading session or to share drinks and laughs with your friends. 

High standard services worth of a four star hotel in Venice, Italy

But what really makes any accommodation the real deal is the wide selection of quality services. The Hotel Venice Resort always makes sure its guests are well taken care of, so much that they don’t only feel welcomed and comfortable, but truly pampered.

The professional staff of the front office will make sure you have all you need to fully enjoy your staying in Venice without worrying about a thing. The private parking lot gives you the possibility to reach the hotel in the comfort of your own car, ideal solution if you’re travelling with kids, while the elegant, equipped conference room is the perfect fit for every business man looking for an elegant space to hold a company meeting.

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